Life Skills for Engineers

Class: 2015 Undergraduate Batch

  • Course Material

  • Assignments

    • Self Introduction Assignment
      • Introduce yourself (first prepare a write up) in the class highlighting your education details, your strengths and weaknesses, etc.
    • Listening Skills Assignment
      • Listen to any one of the NPTEL video lectures by Dr. Nagendra Krishnapura from IIT Madras on Basic Electrical Circuits and then prepare a write-up about the lecture in the subsequent class as a class assignment.
    • Vocabulary Assignment
      • Submit five new English words with their meaning and usage
    • CV Assignment
      • Prepare a curriculum vitae using LaTeX
    • Presentation skills Assignment
      • Select a topic and prepare an 8-10 page report on it. Prepare presentation slides for the same
    • Creativity Assignment
      • Prepare a 2-3 page write up about a possible technical development that can happen in next 25 years.
    • Group Discussion
      • Group discussion on a given topic.
    • Problem Solving Asiignment
      • Submit 10 GATE and 5 CAT problems with their solution

Assignments of 2016 class